Registration for Utility Bill Payment

Utility Bill Payment Registration


What is a utility bill ?

A utility bill is a detailed invoice, issued and paid once a month from utilities, including electric, natural gas, water, and waste. Utility bills for consumers and businesses are basically structured the same; businesses simply have many more accounts and charges to monitor than consumers. Let’s dive into all the detail that energy and sustainability managers can get from a business’ utility bill. On a typical utility bill, you can see basic information such as the account number, invoice number, service address (different from the billing address; this is the address of the building or facility being managed), and service period.

Simple steps to pay your bill

  • Log into Online Banking or Sc Mobile
  • Select Bill Payments under Payments
  • Click on any biller category and select biller to pay bills instantly
  • Setup Auto Pay Instruction by clicking on Add Biller, filling your bill details and enabling auto pay.
  • You can select payment instrument – Savings Account or Credit Card