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What Is a Package Holiday?

A package holiday is a vacation in which two or more of the primary trip expenses are purchased for a single fee. While perhaps the most common type of package holiday is one which includes accommodation and transportation to and from one’s destination, a number of additional services can be covered by a package fee. Traditionally, this type of trip has been coordinated by a travel agent or a package holiday operator. The widespread growth of Internet-based travel companies in the late 20th century has allowed consumers greater freedom to tailor vacation packages to their own needs and interests.

Tour Package

Package holidays, popularly known as a tour package or simply the word ‘tour’ in the travel and tourism industry refers either to a package tour escorted or not escorted by the tourist guide. When we say tour package, it means a pre-arrangement, prepaid trip that combines two or more travel components like airfare, airport transfer, accommodation, and other services. Practically, to define the tour package concept is complex one rather understand.