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What is Automated Teller Machine

ATM’s full form is Automated Teller Machine which is a self-service banking outlet. You can withdraw money, check your balance, or even transfer funds. Different banks provide their ATM services by installing cash machines in different parts of the country. You can withdraw money from any of these machines irrespective of whether or not you are an account holder in the same bank.

Uses of an Automated Teller Machine

A 'taxable person' under the GST Act is someone who conducts business in India and is registered or needs to be registered under the GST Act. A taxable person can be an individual, HUF, company, firm, LLP, an AOP/ BOI, any corporation or Government company, body corporate incorporated under the laws of a foreign country, co-operative societies, local authorities, governments, trusts, or artificial juridical persons.

  • The most common uses of an Automated Teller Machine include withdrawing money and checking balance. Bank a/c holders can also transfer money or change the PIN (Personal Identification Number)
  • Newer and advanced ATMs also provide options to open/withdraw a Fixed Deposit (FD), or to apply for a personal loan. You can also book railway tickets, pay the insurance premiums, income tax & utility bills, recharge your mobile, and deposit cash. Some of these facilities may require you to register at the bank branch